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Gain real-world technical skills and knowledge to start or advance your career on the Data & Analytics space

"Upskill me data" is a training course that is part of our Diversity and Inclusion initiative and it is delivered at no cost on a pro bono basis^

^We promise, no hidden costs or hidden agenda. Learn more about our pro bono work

Modern Digital Watch

Key Benefits

  • Gain critical knowledge to start your career as a Data Engineer

  • Two

  • Three

  • Four

  • Five

Who Should Attend?

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When and Where

​The date, time and place of this training course varies and we will do our best to accommodate to your particular needs​

  • Sensory needs

  • Disabilities

  • Time availability

Diversity and Inclusion has a very close place in our heart, this is why this course is delivered free of charge

  • There are no hidden costs

  • There are no hidden agendas

  • We will not compromise on the quality of our work

What is the cost?

Learn more about our pro bono work
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