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Data Engineering
With dbt™

Learn dbt. Everything you need to go from zero to hero and master dbt

Benefit from hands-on intensive sessions and expert-led training.

Take your data engineering knowledge and skills to the next level.

dbt is revolutionising data & analytics.
Do not miss out

dbt is a command line tool that helps analysts and engineers transform data in their data platform using traditional and modern software engineering principles

Divergent Insights is a proud
Consulting Partner of dbt Labs


  • We love dbt and the dbt community

  • We have hands-on and real-life expertise using dbt on large-scale enterprises 

  • We are passionate about open-source

  • We love data and want to help you succeed

This training is developed by Divergent Insights and is not affiliated with dbt Labs

Training Oveview

Training Key Benefits

  • Learn how to use dbt on small or large projects.

  • Understand how to automate continuous integration and delivery of scalable and tested data solutions with dbt.

  • Discover how to use dbt to test and monitor data quality.

  • Small group sessions to maximise learning.

Who Should Attend?

  • Data Engineers and Data Architects who want to design and develop enterprise solutions using dbt™.

  • Data Scientists, Data Analyst and Data Modellers who want to self-service and implement end-to-end automated data transformations.

  • Experienced data & analytics practitioners who want to update their knowledge and expertise with the latest data engineering concepts and tools

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Course Outline

Course Outline

Data Engineering With dbt: Section 1 (~2.5 hours)


  • ​So, what is dbt anyway?

  • Why is dbt required?

  • How does dbt fit in my technology stack?

  • Using dbt properly: the dbt constructs and transformation-only philosophy

  • dbt Core™ vs dbt CLI vs dbt Cloud™

  • dbt Core™ releases: 0.x vs 1.x

  • The dbt community - asking for help

  • The dbt community - contributing back: reporting bugs, proposing fixes and creating packages

Installation and Configuration

  • Installing dbt^: Windows, Linux or MacOS

  • Adapters^: Snowflake®, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft® SQL Server®, etc

  • Environments and dbt connections

  • Using dbt debug

  • dbt hello world


  • Initialising and organising dbt projects

  • Key guidelines and recommendations

  • Small projects vs Large projects

  • Configuring databases and schemas: target vs custom values

  • How to Version Control a dbt project: mono vs multi repos

  • How to CI/CD a dbt project^: GitLab, GitHub

    • Automated testing​

    • SQL Linting

Running dbt

  • Source control^: GitLab, GitHub

  • CI/CD^: GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions

  • Scheduling / Execution^: Airflow, Prefect, Dagster

^Tailored to the needs of the audience

Data Engineering With dbt: Section 2 (~2.5 hours)

Sources, Seeds and Snapshots

  • Describing the what, why and when of Sources, Seeds and Snapshots

  • Sources: understand how to use this feature with models and its relationship with lineage

  • Seeds: understand how to use this feature with examples

  • Snapshots: understand how to use this feature with examples


  • Mastering data models with dbt

  • Incremental models

  • Understanding materialisations: table, view, incremental and ephemeral

  • Custom schemas and databases

  • Custom materialisations

  • dbt and Data Vault

  • dbt and Kimball


  • ​Let's talk about dbt docs

  • Understanding why dbt docs is absolutely paramount to succeed with dbt

  • Using tags and metadata (together with workarounds to achieve the right outcome)

  • Mastering data lineage (there is nothing as beautiful as a complete data lineage diagram)

  • Customising and hosting dbt docs generated documentation

dbt Test

  • Let's talk about testing with dbt

  • dbt vs Great Expectations: they are better together

  • dbt and data quality

  • How to monitor data quality with dbt: sources freshness and data model tests

Data Engineering With dbt: Section 3 (~2.5 hours)

Hooks & Operations

  • Understanding the power of hooks and operations

  • Executing custom local code via operations

  • Execution custom centralised code via operations and packages

  • The power of operations to configure your data stores (DDL)


  • Why packages are a game changer: code modularisation and re-use

  • Using community or official packages (dbt Hub)

  • Creating custom packages: source control, tagging and installation

  • Understanding the critical relationship between packages and dbt project structure

Jinja & Macros

  • So, what is Jinja and why do I need it?

  • So, what are macros and why do we need them?

  • Writing your first macro

  • Macros and Automated Testing

  • Centralising and making macros available as packages

Exposures, Analyses and Metrics

  • ​Overview of exposures, analysis and metrics

  • Lineage: it all comes down to a beautiful data lineage diagram =)

dbt Cloud

  • Running dbt as a SaaS solution (yes, life can be simple and beautiful)

  • Integrated IDE for development and testing

  • Job scheduling and orchestration

  • Logging and Alerting

  • Metadata API

  • Security and governance: SSO, Role-based ACLs, Fine-grained Git permissions

Diversity and Inclusion

Divergent Insights is TRULY wanting to do things differently and inclusivity is right in the heart of what we do

If you identify yourself as someone with disabilities or inclusion needs please reach out.

We have pro bono initiatives to help you advance your skills and knowledge.

Available Training Sessions
Available Classes
Corporate Training

Training can be structured to meet the individual needs of your organisation, employees and business priorities

For more information about these and other corporate training available,

please contact us at

  • dbt™, dbt Core™, dbt Cloud™ and dbt Labs™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of dbt Labs, Inc in the U.S.A. and other countries.


Do I obtain a certificate as part of this training course?

No. However, after completing all courses you should have the adequate knowledge and skills to master the usage of dbt and eventually undertake any official certifications exams

I am a student / graduate, are there any discounts or additional support for us?


Yes. Please contact us at and subject to some terms and conditions we will give you a student discount coupon. Also, we can help you to get in touch with potential employers.

Unfortunately, I am not longer able to attend the course, can I cancel or reschedule my course?

Yes. For full details please refer to our Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy.

In a nutshell, this is our policy:

  • You must tell us on writing and 10 days before of the start day of the course about your change of circumstances.

  • Contact us at

  • You are welcomed to share your spot with someone else

  • We will issue a full refund less a processing fee of $150.

I am someone that identifies with disabilities or inclusion needs, is there any support for me??


Yes. At Divergent Insights we are extremely passionate about Diversity and Inclusion so please reach out directly to us for a confidential conversation to determine how we can best help. We will do our absolute best from pro bono sessions to adjusting the training to your particular needs.Contact us at or give us a direct call at +61 8 6364 5003.

Since this training is delivered virtually, can I choose to enrol into any session?

Yes, you are welcome to enrol into any session; however, for you convenience, we offer multiple virtual sessions that are targeted to different locations to increase dramatically the experience delivered. This help us to keep the number of attendees low, minimise impact of time zones and maximise the local context where sessions are delivered.

Do you still have more questions? Please, get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.

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